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Plant Pathology Overview

The Plant Pathology (PPTH) graduate program is ideal for students who desire a career in plant health, food security, or the environment. Graduates will be prepared to be leaders and productive team members in plant pathology and related disciplines. Many graduates work as plant pathologists associated with federal or state agencies or with private industry. Others work in environmental laboratories (federal, state, and private), the pharmaceutical industry, or the food industry (food production and food safety).

Plant Pathology is one of the areas graduate students in the Division of Plant and Soil Sciences can choose from a thesis or a nonthesis option for a master's degree. The M.S. program in Plant Pathology provides advanced study in such areas as forest pathology, nematology, organic agriculture, fungal genetics, mycotoxins, mycorrhizae, and symbioses. Research emphases include laboratory or field-based projects and may involve organic, molecular genetic, or ecological approaches. The International Collection of Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal fungi and the WVU Organic Research Farm are associated with the Plant Pathology program.

Doctoral level graduate students can pursue a Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences with an emphasis in Plant Pathology. Research areas are as described above for the master’s degree.